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Georges Adéagbo

Georges Adéagbo's next shows 2016:
Israel Museum - Jerusalem, Solo - Show. Opening February 16th 7PM, "Knowing oneself, does one know who the other is..?" Africa in Jerusalem until  May 6th. curated by Rita Kersting, Kobi Ben-Meir with Stephan Köhler
Holbaek - Denmark, Group show. "An Age of our own Making" Opening May 14th, 2016, Curated by Solvej Ovesen and Bonaventure Ndikung. 
Cologne - Germany, "We Call it Ludwig" 40th anniversary of the Museum Ludwig, a partial re installation of Adéagbo's Documenta 11 installation in the permanent collection with one new installation. Curated by Barbara Engelbach.
opening August 26th.

New Publications:
Israel Museum 2016. Exhibition Catalogue. Please order by contacting Rita Kersting.
Floyd, Kathryn M. : Georges Adéagbo: Between Artwork and Exhibition. In: Graciano Andrew: Exhibiting Outside the Academy, Salon and Biennial, 1775-1999. Alternative Venues of Display. 2015. Ashgate Publishing   p. 235-258

Schankweiler, Kerstin: The relational Archive of Georges Adéagbo. in: African Arts. Volume 46, No. 1, 2015. P. 14-25


Available Monographies: Schankweiler, Kerstin: Die Mobilisierung der Dinge. Ortsspezifik und Kulturtransfer in den Installationen von Georges Adéagbo

2012, 328 Seiten, kart., zahlr. z.T. farb. Abb., 36,80 € 
ISBN: 978-3-8376-2090-0  Transcript Verlag.
Zaya, Octavio: Georges Adéagbo. The Mission and the Missionaries. Charta Books. out of print, available from Kulturforum Sud-Nord.
Texts about Adéagbo as a writer and historian by Stephan Köhler in the Journal de La Triennale de Paris. English and French
interviews with Adéagbo on youtube: The Venice Biennial posted in October 2009:
The MUSAC Leon posted in march 2011
Texts:  posted november 2011 on IABLIS

general introduction and images from Benin, Georges Adéagbo's country of birth and current residence

biography, list of exhibitions and publications bibliography collections who has which work

Archive Adéagbo: images of the most important installations since 1999

Benin artists' residence Georges Adéagbo and Stephan Köhler decided in spring 1999 to launch an artists' residence, called "Villa Dieu Seul Sait" on the coast of Benin. The construction of several studios and guestrooms is complete. Please visit to see images of the facilities. In 2005, the Non Profit Organisation Kulturforum Sued-Nord  was founded and registered in Hamburg, Germany to facilitate cultural exchange projects.


James Lee Byars Inspired and challenged many with his uncompromising stand for beauty and perfection. A monument of persistence working restlessly until his early death in may 1997. A photo essay written by one of his friends. short biography and bibliography in German, and an extensive chronology in English.
New: images of small works on

Roman Opalka Roman Opalka paints the progression of time. He reveals insights about the difference between measured time versus experienced time through his single, lifelong work titled:
OPALKA 1965/1-oo images of recent exhibitions include:
Kunstmuseum Bonn A description of the Millenium Passage, Opalka's most challenging attempt (New Year 1999-2000) to address the public to think about the relativity of time, serves as general introduction to get familiar with his concept.
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