Images from Benin
Even though Georges’ œuvre is not necessarily linked to where he was born and where he
lives, this page with images from Benin might serve to inform about the base from which
each installation is launched, may Georges complete it London, Copenhagen or any other
place far from Africa.

The beach of Ouida,
January 10th, Festival of
the Vodoun

Dancer in front of one of
the convent huts built on
the beach for that occasion.

Reenactement of the
slavetrade. From this
beach, countless left
for a journey of no return.

Man praying with
facing the ocean

Giant Baobab trees and
red earthed villages in
the North, near Natitingu

of red mud cylinders
The Somba people still
build in the traditional way

Access to storage and
sleeping cells from the roof
of a Somba house

Somba lady
demonstrating head
wear made with anti-
lope horns

By placing sculptures, masks and ceremonial dresses, Georges creates an understanding
for African culture on a profound level. His presentations are not stuck in the
confinements of clichés, as in Vodoun films, folklorist manifestations, or writings by
western ethnologists. He talks to us from the viewpoint of an interdisciplinary thinker and
sharp observer, who creates a neutral bridge between races. This page will show the
environment in which Georges lives and works. Also it will be updated with new works
and texts created in Benin.

Georges orders from 'Esprit'
the paintings he needs for
his installations

Esprit follows precisely the
instructions given by Georges

Georges picks up a set
of paintings for an exhibition
in France on the Vodoun

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