»Abraham - l’ami de Dieu«
‘Abraham - the Friend of God’
An installation by Georges Adéagbo for P.S.1, New York, November 19th 2000 - January 2001

Georges Adéagbo will show in his multi-media installation what he sees as the essential
moments of P.S.1’s launching and subsequent evolution. Georges extracts evidence for
the center’s raison d’être from the fact that a public school was transformed rather than
having a new building constructed to host an institute for contemporary art. The visual
reenactment of the particular case of P.S.1 as an arena of open discussion will be
embedded by the artist in a general fabric of images showing how America functioned as
the cradle of democracy. Commemorating those who lost their lives to put theory into
practice, Georges will say frankly from his perspective of an African living in Benin, who
deserves gratitude for trying to establish equality in the world, a struggle which by far has
not ended yet.

The layout of his composition, created particularly for P.S.1, follows the laws of
geomantic traditions and establishes an order through numeric and symbolic
relationships of the individual image vehicles. Georges will position the objects, which
he presently collects and commissions in Benin, combined with those he will have found
in New York during his stay prior to the opening, in a way that their energy pattern will
form an invisible shield to protect P.S.1 and eliminate accidents or discourage
adversaries; - a talisman for a courageous art institute.

Opposed to pouring further fuel into the fire of racial or religious conflicts, Georges sees
himself as neutral bridge by not giving preference to anyone’s position and intends to
dissolve the residue of prejudices which overshadow the unfolding of fresh friendships
here and now. He visualizes the high costs humanity pays by perpetuating remorseness,
resentment and desire for fanatic revenge and appeals to his audience to let go off
jealousy and aggression. Writing about incidents when he was devastated by injustice
done to him and wisely refrained from assuming the vain role of the judge, Georges
stands back and lets nature display its great force of reciprocity in his symphonic œuvre.
Repeatedly he writes: ‘L’art est dans la nature..! C’est ne pas l’artiste qui fait l’art, c’est
l’art qui fait l’artiste..!’

In that sense, his US debut this fall at P.S.1 might, even at small scale, smoothen the
waves of stained collective memory clashing against each other by his peaceful, non
polemic way of inspiring people to review their mental default settings and move on in
life, celebrating both common denominators and differences, which are the foundation of
complementary coexistence.

‘Art is a kind way of talking with the other, so he or she does not get upset or defensive
and can dive into reflection in your artistic space, calibrate their perspectives and
choose freely an approach to life which is beneficial to all.’ G.A.

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