‘La Colonisation Belge en Afrique Noir’

‘ForwArt’ April 5th to May 14th 2000
BBL Cultural Center, Place Royal 6, 1000 Brusssels

‘ForwArt’ is a pilot project realized by the art department of the Banque Bruxelles Lambert to activate the art
scene of Bruxelles. Six international curators were asked to choose six artists.
Harald Szeemann invited Georges Adéagbo to prepare an installation for this exhibition.
Curatorial assistance and coordination of Adéagbo’s contribution were given by Stephan
Köhler, jointadventures projects
further information: ‘ForwArt’ Art Service BBL Bruxelles Fax. +32 2 547 37 12
on Georges Adéagbo’s work:
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The completion of the installation in Bruxelles

marks another event, a further example of Georges' installations serving as a

neutral bridge between worlds which carry a charge of remorseness and clichees

due to their colonial relationship.

Georges neither imposes a polemic opinion,

nor seeks revenge for the collective African memory of being used by intruders,

but invites visitors to reitinerate and meditate on the true nature of the encounters,

of the past and in our days.

The shared history of Belgium and the Congo-Zaire

unfolds in the space through Georges' composition with douzens of rare documents

and books found in Bruxelles and his collection of related elements from Benin.

The works of the six artists are on view in a coorporate frame at the exhibition palais of the Bank Bruxelles Lambert until May 14th.

Instead of a catalogue, an interactive CD Rom hosting interviews with the six artists and the curators is available. Harald Szeemann will explain, why he chose Georges Adéagbo for the ForwArt
exhibition. For this CD Rom, also conversations with Georges about the source and meaning of art,
individual destiny and what the world lacks to regain balance were filmed in Benin while he prepared the
piece for Bruxelles. © jointadventures Cotonou, Benin March 1st 2000

The CD-ROM with texts in English, French and Dutch costs Euro 10 plus Euro 3 shipping. Orders and payments can be made through the website. www.forwart.bbl.be or by fax to +32-2-547 3800
Opening hours: Daily from 10 AM to 6 PM on Wednesdays to 9PM. Next train station: Gare Centrale
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Georges' installation would not be in Bruxelles without the professional perception and flexibility of Patricia de Peuter and her team at the Service Art of the BBL. return to previous page

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