The Story of the Lion
an artists’ book with Georges Adéagbo

On June 10th, during the official opening days of the Biennale, Georges Adéagbo transformed the Campo dell'Arsenale with his installation and inspired thoughts about mankind's history, evolution and destiny. Unprotected against the elements and villains, this piece might be the only one to fulfill the curatorial theme, stipulated as dAPPERTutto, aperto everywhere. Supported by Stephan Köhler, jointadventures, and the Biennale's logistic team, this risky project was succesfully realized and even acknowledged with an award.

The seven elements can
be arranged freely

Georges' book created
with CTL Hamburg to
commemorate the
installation in Venice

Detail from the book

The shadow of the

Georges Adéagbo wrote five texts for this artists' book, which has the same name as his one day installation. The source for these short statements comes from his confrontation with the challenge to compose a message to unfold in a unique site for only a brief moment.

Beginning his writing with the word 'franchement', truely, the book was given this subtitle. The texts appear in Georges' handwriting in French along with translations into English and German on seven folded tryptich pages. These elements, which host photos of the installation taken by Stephan Köhler and Clemens-Tobias Lange, can be freely arranged and reverberate the feeling of the œuvre.

While working on this book project with CTL, Georges created another installation with objects bought and collected in Hamburg. This spontaneous piece turned into a book with the title ‘Pour les collectioneurs des livres d’art’ in an edition of 15+4 copies. This element by element xeroxed installation is available as an artists' book together with the first 15 of the 335 copies, signed and numbered.


triptych cover

seven elements to
move around freely
Size: about 26 x 22 cm
Edition of 335 copies, Euro 49.-

Thereof 15 + 4 e.a. copies are available signed
with an aditional composition by Georges
Adéagbo, Xerox on translucent paper.
Euro 195,-

orders: CTL Press Hamburg :

Fax: +49-40-3990 2224

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